Lake Sebago Hydrilla Control Project

Treatment Schedule

Both a liquid formulation (Sonar Genesis) and pellet formulation (Sonar H4C) of the herbicide fluridone will be utilized in designated treatment areas within Lake Sebago. Up to 6 applications of the herbicides will occur between June and October 2023. Application of a granular formulation of chelated copper (Harpoon) will be applied on a single day in July 2023 to >1 acre of the lake. Product labels are linked below. Both target and non-target species will be monitored for impacts throughout the season.

Product Labels

Sonar Genesis Product Label
Sonar Genesis SLN NY-120006
Sonar H4C Product Label
Sonar H4C SLN NY-230001
Harpoon Product Label

Project Permits

Article 15 Aquatic Pesticide Permits: -Sonar Genesis
-Sonar H4C
SPDES : NYP260127 (Neg Dec)
SEQR Neg Dec posted in ENB 2/1/2023

Harriman Group Camps Information Meeting

A virtual meeting will take place June 1st 2023. This meeting will include a presentation with some background on the hydrilla infestation within Lake Sebago and provide details on the proposed treatment plan, which will be followed by a Q&A session.
Please register by May 30th @ 12pm by filling out this form or emailing with the subject “Sebago Lake Hydrilla Information Meeting”.